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Marketing Idea 1- Lead magnets for mortgage advisers

Not having a constant inflow of quality leads is detrimental to any business. For mortgage advisers, in particular, this can be considered the lifeblood because they are so dependent on them for survival as an independent company or individual advisor doing their own thing with no boss telling them what needs to be done next–which means generating more potential customers may seem difficult but it doesn’t have to feel impossible! It takes patience and perseverance plus continuous improvement when trying new things all day long every single time somebody calls you up wanting advice about buying/selling property (works like magic if handled correctly).

We always encourage our mortgage adviser clients to be proactive about generating more leads. It’s not an easy task, but the rewards are great!

The first strategy to have in our toolbox is called Lead Magnets.

What is a lead magnet?

A digital asset is an easy way to prospect and build your email list. Freebies such as a checklist or booklet can be offered by giving out contact details in exchange for those who want it, yet there’s no pressure on them if they don’t offer their info right away!

A free guide in the form of an ebook can be an effective lead magnet. This strategy is not confined to the mortgage business and is used by many businesses across the industries.