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Marketing Idea 3- Facebook Remarketing for mortgage advisers

In a world of social media and endless distractions, it’s incredibly important that you keep your customers engaged with what they came for. That means going the extra mile when helping them find their perfect mortgage product!
Anyone will know from experience how difficult this can be sometimes – but don’t worry: we’ve got some tips on getting people back to your website.

You might be surprised to know that the goal of marketing is not just about getting people into your website, but also keeping them there. That means investing time and money into making sure potential customers feel welcomed and get the best user experience possible – which can include giving out discounts or coupons if necessary!
The more welcoming you make it for past visitors who haven’t yet bought from you the easier your lives will become as we wait on their return visit so they too may have an amazing experience on your website.

What is Facebook Remarketing?

Facebook remarketing is a fantastic way to reach out to potentially interested customers who have previously visited your website but not converted. Just make sure you’re targeting them with ads based on their browsing history and interests, or else they might walk away feeling like there’s nothing interesting about what you offer!

Facebook remarketing lets you target your ads at people who have previously visited the website, but not converted. If you’re looking to create successful Facebook ad funnels that will grow an audience’s engagement rates and conversion rate–then it is important for this campaign funnel to be segmented according to customer interests or browsing history in order to best reach out to potential customers!