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Effective SEO and lead generation with Google Business Profile

Today’s small business owners are faced with a unique challenge. On one hand, they need to be found online in order to generate leads for their products and services. On the other hand, if they want to gain organic traffic through search engines like Google, then they need to take advantage of SEO strategies that will help them rank higher on the search results pages (SERPs).

To make matters more complicated, there are thousands upon thousands of businesses all competing for the same set of keywords. This means that it can be difficult or even impossible for your business’s website or landing page to get found without implementing some type of SEO strategy. The good news is that by optimizing your presence on Google Business Profile you can increase visibility and drive relevant traffic

Why you need SEO and how it can help your business

In a world where people are searching for information on Google more than ever before, it’s important to make sure your site ranks as high as possible. The higher up in search engine rankings you can get and stay stable – meaning that users will rank them every time without having changed their minds about which page they want- then the better chance there is at capturing some clicks from potential customers who might be looking around to buy products or services that you sell.

And while SEO may seem expensive at first glance due to its costs with both time and money—you’ll see how competitive industries spend large amounts every month just trying to maintain.

How to set up Google Business Profile

The quickest way to create a new business profile would be from Google Business Profile Manager.

  1. Create a new Google Business Profile
    The first step in setting up a new profile is to start with a business name and a business category. If your business is already added to Google then you can simply select the existing business

    Create Google Business Profile

    Google Business Profile Manager will then ask you a series of questions.
  2. Let Google know if you have a physical store or office

    Do you want to add a location customers can visit
  3. Does your business serve a particular location?

    Where do you serve your customers?
  4. Where is your business based?

    What region is your business based in?
  5. Add your contact details

    add contact info for google business profile

After completing the profile questions you will be redirected to your business profile dashboard. Once on the dashboard, you can do the following.

  1. Add factual business information (e.g. opening hours, business description)
  2. Add editorial content and posts
  3. Add product photos and descriptions
  4. Add service, prices and descriptions
  5. Manage customer reviews
  6. Check insights
  7. Manage your business site.

Note: You will also be asked to verify your business.

What are the benefits of a Google Business Profile (GBP)

You can check your business’s listing on Google and make sure it is filled out with accurate information. Once you’ve verified the changes through the Business Profile, they should start showing up soon! You might also want to add notifications so that people know when their improvements go live in Search Console (this will be indicated by an update).

Understanding how customers are searching for your business is critical to expanding its reach. Use insights gained from this information, along with data on where those who have found you online come in order to optimize the way that people interact with and see content related specifically to them.

How to optimize Google Business Profile for lead generation

Google My Business is an invaluable tool for local business owners. With the increase in Google searches, it’s more important than ever to optimize your GMB profile and take advantage of all that this platform has to offer you. Yet despite these benefits, 56% still don’t claim their listing which means they’re missing out on opportunities or leapfrogging over their competition.

Search engine optimization is the best way to grow your business. Setting up a Google My Business profile will help you generate leads!

Accurate contact information – This is critical to rank well on local searches.

Choose the right business category – The number one ranking factor for a business in Google My Business is its primary GMB category. Choosing the most relevant of these, plus additional categories all play an important role when you’re trying to rank well on local searches!

Benefit from every feature of Google Business Profile – Explore every feature of Google Business Profile and make use of it if it is relevant for your business and can benefit from it.

Add photos – The more photos on your business listing, the higher chance you have of winning new customers. Google reported that businesses with pictures receive 42% more requests for driving directions and 35% more click-throughs to their websites!

Have a steady flow of customer reviews

Turn on Messaging for your profile – It has been scientifically proven that healthy reviews management on your Google Business Profile can have a tremendous impact on local search ranking.

Outsource profile management – Boosting lead generation with your Google My Business profile entails managing listings for SEO, generating and managing reviews, as well communicating efficiently through customer messages. This may seem overwhelming – especially if you are just getting started out on the internet marketing scene! This is where you might need to outsource the work to an experienced marketing agency that can do it all for you.

Common mistakes that people make when using Google Business Profile, and how to avoid them

The most common mistake that businesses make is that they leave the Google Business Profile behind. But don’t! If you have an unverified profile it can cost your company invaluable customer leads and potential customers who won’t know about what great service or products you offer as well as decrease search engine rankings which will hurt both short-term revenue (due to lost opportunities) long term growth prospects

Let’s take a peek at some other common mistakes.

  1. Incomplete business information
  2. Incorrect business information
  3. Lack of good quality photos or no photos
  4. No videos
  5. Lack of citations
  6. No phone number
  7. No one answering the phone
  8. Outdated info on the website
  9. No call to action on the website
  10. No online reviews or not verifying them

Google Business Profile is a great way to get more customers and be seen by the right people. Google will automatically update your account, so check back often!

You can also add icons or links that point at other websites in case there’s been an error on yours (like an incorrect phone number). And if possible have good quality photos for each page of content – this helps potential buyers know exactly where they’ll find what interests them most about your company before clicking through their website. No videos mean less engagement which leads directly to lower conversion rates so add a relevant video and call to action.

The importance of having a professional-looking profile photo on your Google Business Profile page

The profile image is the first thing that people see about your business. Data from Google indicates 42% more potential customers will request directions to you after viewing it when they have photos on their listings! It also impacts website clicks by 35%. Don’t leave all of these opportunities for success up to chance by neglecting this aspect with laziness or lack of time – take some quick action today and get something done now!

Google’s research says that the profile image is second only to re-tweets in terms of determining if one will go on a search for your business. If you want more traffic, make sure it has photos!
Curious about how Google ranks sites? Check out this great article from the Search Engine Journal.


If you’re curious about what it takes to rank higher in search engine results pages, then this blog post is for you. We discussed the importance of SEO and how your business can benefit from it, as well as how to stand out on Google with a free business profile (GBP) which allows people looking for businesses like yours to find you online with ease among other things. You also learned how to create a google my business profile and common mistakes that people make when using Google Business Profile profiles and were provided tips on how to avoid them so that your profile looks professional at all times. When was the last time you updated or checked in on your GBP? It may be due for a refresh! Now go out there and use these insights into marketing yourself better through SEOs help!

Do you need an expert who can help grow your business? Who can partner with you in your efforts to increase search engine optimization and lead generation, while also aligning marketing strategies that will meet all of your business goals?

We offer free consultations so contact us today!

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