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Marketing Idea 11- Facebook Live for mortgage advisers

The key to success on Facebook is content and lots of it. One simple way you can pack your Page with tons, if not hundreds or thousands of more pieces than just posting statuses from time to time? Turn that camera around! Get out there in front of everyone who’s watching (or listening) by going live while simultaneously talking about finance topics like mortgages and real estate as well as personal matters such as investment strategies for beginners – whatever strikes your fancy; the possibilities are endless when we’re able to share our lives through social media posts because let’s face…that feels pretty close quarters sometimes: What do YOU want TO talk about today!?

The best option for getting tons of engaging videos rolling onto our pages are either “Live Video” (a service that allows users 24/7 streaming capabilities), “CamMeUp”(A mobile app that activates push notifications when someone starts recording his/her own broadcast) and Preshov App.

What is Facebook Live?

With Facebook Live, you can live stream events and performances on your social media pages. Viewers will be able to watch from a phone or computer while they’re out in the real world – no matter where that may be! Reactions pieces are also available for people who want interactive features like commenting during live broadcasts with friends via text message (or emoji!).
A separate form of this function exists within Instagram; however, these functions work together when used simultaneously throughout both platforms’ applications rather than separately.