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Marketing Idea 13- Focus on a niche for mortgage advisers

Finding a niche isn’t just for marketers, but it can be an important factor in marketing yourself as a mortgage adviser. Almost everyone needs to have somewhere they call home – from families with children and seniors looking for retirement homes all the way up through young professionals trying to find their first apartment or house The thing about “niches” though is that there are so many types of people out there who need help finding what fits best based on interests/hobbies etc…so you’ll want expertise specific too!

What is a niche market?

Niche markets are like speciality restaurants that only serve one dish.
A niche market can be any product or service with its own set of demands and preferences, but they’re also tailor-made for this purpose so you don’t have to worry about anything getting in the way of what’s important!

Narrowing down the market to a specific niche can be very profitable. For example, in clothing salespeople often want clothes made specifically for their body type or occasion; this means they need to know about all different types of styles before making any purchases so that no matter what happens on the day at work (or home), there will always be something appropriate waiting when you get back!