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Marketing Idea 5 – Landing pages for mortgage advisers

People looking for mortgage advice usually head to one place: search engines.
People can gather quotes and information about loans in a variety of ways, but when they come across an unanswered question it’s easy enough just to keep searching or move on without any answers at all! To be sure you’re shortlisted with these people-savvy consumers, add some helpful content that will help guide them towards their next decision by answering all their burning questions.

Mortgage brokers’ websites offer very generalised information. If you happen to click on an ad for first-time buyer mortgages and find yourself taken to the homepage which includes info on commercial/equity release housing as well as buy-to-let loans, then what’s being advertised might not really exist – at least not in this form or with these details! The message isn’t clear because it lacks specificity; so if your goal is generating leads through enticing content such that visitors stay engaged enough until they’ve made contact with the sales team…then by all means create highly relevant landing pages tailored specifically towards interested prospects via keywords related only directly back onto specific products offered (eg: “mortgage”).

This is so important that we would like to reiterate that if the message isn’t clear because it lacks specificity then you will have a visitor that will quickly bounce off your website and disappear in oblivion.

What is a landing page?

A mortgage landing page is a key to catching people’s attention in search engine results pages. Mortgage lenders are looking for ways to appear on potential borrowers’ shortlists, and you can do that by having all their questions answered before they trust any lender with details of their loan application process
Mortgage Landing Pages catch their eye and get you a shot at appearing on your potential customers’ list.

It’s a page designed specifically to focus on one particular product or keyword without any other distractions. It should answer all the questions that a potential buyer might have.