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Marketing Idea 7- Build your network for mortgage advisers

We all know the importance of referrals in banking. They sustain successful loan officers and make up for the lack of leads by providing you with a solid database to build upon, but get this: A strong base starts at home!

Friends and Family

All of your friends and family are a great place to start when looking for mortgage leads.

Send out emails or Facebook messages asking if anyone knows someone who might be interested in buying a home or getting a mortgage, especially those with real estate expertise! Let them know you’re into mortgages now because it’s really important when people take out loans from banks these days- especially if they have good credit scores which mean higher chances of getting approved at lower interest rates than those with low ratings would otherwise expect.

Meet the real estate agents

This networking technique is a no-brainer and you’re probably doing it already. Just put yourself out there, make connections with people who share the same interests as yours – real estate or mortgages for starters! You never know where those leads will take you.

Teach people how to improve their credit score

The whole process of improving your credit score is difficult and time-consuming. Yet, education can make all the difference in helping them achieve homeownership dreams!
This step by step guide will show how customers who use your content get great results while running through their own customized programs designed for themselves – no matter what type or severity level issue they have with debtors accounts.

Teach people about personal finances

Teaching is one of the easiest ways to sale anything. As a mortgage broker or lender, think about all those personal finance topics you know like credit scores and managing debt- these are things that most people struggle with!

Educating others on how they can improve their financial situation will help them achieve greater success in life by building up self-confidence as well as providing practical advice for making sound decisions when dealing with money issues at home

Teach financial advisers about mortgages

Financial Advisers can be one of the best referral sources you develop. They work with affluent clients, and they rarely think about those person’s mortgages- yet these are potential sources for future wealth if it comes up in their financial planning process!