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Marketing Idea 9- Facebook page for mortgage advisers

You can quickly let everyone in your community know that you’re a go-to real estate and mortgage professional by using Facebook. All of the extended friends on there are following you already, so all they need is for one simple post about what’s happening with property prices or rates! When people come across their favourite local agent online who shares helpful advice like this, trust me – it pays off big time when referrals start rolling in every month afterwards.

What is a Facebook page?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in use, but what do you know about Facebook pages? Pages are public profiles specifically created for businesses and other organizations. Unlike personal ones which only get friends (which can be limited to 5K), this type has fans- like-ers! These people choose an unlimited number of likes per page– differing greatly from how many followers one gets with their own profile on another site/app where users typically follow back unless asked not to by default.
With over 2 billion monthly active users across its various product lines including mobile apps such as Instagram or WhatsApp

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